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Ideas for decorating the living room

Most of us spend a lot of time to beautify the look of our living room that will make our guests comfortable and relaxed. To achieve this goal, it requires more than just decoration. The first step we have to do is create a design plan. Consider the primary purpose of a living room is […]

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Creating an Elegant Living Room

There is no room in your home that can describe more about you and your family unless your living room. In addition to the bedroom, the living room is the place where you tend to spend the most time, just talking with friends, watching movies with the kids or relaxing with someone special, living in […]

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Energy Efficient Lifestyle Beginning Of Energy Efficient Lighting

The slogan “Go Green”, “Save Energy”, we’ve often heard, even memorized by rote. But did you know that energy-efficient lifestyle was able to start from the simplest thing is to choose to use Energy Efficient Lighting for your home. Changing pattern of bad habits when you are at home is not easy, from getting off […]

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