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Layout of lighting and decorative lighting in the dining room

Lighting in the dining room will affect the mood and atmosphere created at the time of feeding activity, and therefore consider the choice of lighting and decorative lighting right at the dinner table becomes an essential element that the atmosphere and mood in the dining room can be formed in accordance with the design style […]

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Dining room furniture

A dining room is specifically designed for all dining activities. Therefore the furniture for this room must be selected according to the main function so that the dining experience will be supported by a sense of comfort and a relaxed atmosphere. Usually the room is made up of several common furniture like tables, chairs, and […]

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Tips for stylish modern interior dining room

The presence of a dining room at the present time is probably the most important room in the house. This is mainly due to the presence of this room also serves as the place we gather as a family to spend quality time together. Naturally, if you then think about decorating for this room, trying […]

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