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DIY Gazebo to Enhance Your House’s Backyard Value

Are you planning to give your home a little renovation in the near future? If the answer is yes, you may want to consider a transformation to the yard and landscape. If you want to create a kind of unique area at your home where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors together, like […]

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Home Security

When talking about home security, many things must be considered. What are the factors that must be considered in maintaining home security? Because in that house is our most precious treasure the family. When talking about home security, most people will always think about the security of the entire property. Starting from the access driveway, […]

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Some Tips to get more lighting in the darkened interior of the house

If the interior of your home has a room that needs a little more light, you do not have to worry about doing renovations with a big budget. Simply by following a few simple steps, then at least you will feel the change in the intensity of light in your residence. Here we give three […]

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The Minimalist

Display a minimalist home is very dependent variations and tastes of each occupant, the extent of minimalist (simple) is desired. All this will also determine the accessory, any supporting elements to use and mix paint colors and color properties that are present in it. But there are some basic things that you must understand, which […]

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Terrace as an entertainment room and relax

A patio area or paved walkways leading to your house can be considered as symbol taste of the owner of the house. If designed and constructed carefully, the patio will convey the impression of warmth as well as serve as a transition from the garden. Therefore, if you have the space, budget, and time then […]

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