3 Jobs that require a professional carpenter or joiner

If your looking to get something custom made out of wood, chances are you will need the skills of a professional tradesmen or carpenter. Here are just 3 jobs around the home that might need your attention more than others and lead you to hire a carpenter or if there are many joins you will need an experience joiner.

Fitted or custom made furniture

Sometimes you might have a tight space where you would like furniture such as a desk, bed or table to be nicely fitted. Getting this measured and cut to precision is most definitely a task for someone with tools and experience. The important thing being that everything is level and later on down the line it won’t collapse during use, a designer and fitter of this kind of furniture with a back catalog of similar work will be much more suitable.

Wall Cabinets and Fittings

Anything that’s being attached to a wall needs to be done carefully, it would be very easy to damage a piece of wood if it was to fall off. Anything with hinges will again need to be cut in a certain way for it to allow movement but to be durable at the same time. These kind of projects require an experienced joiner who specializes in as the name suggests joining things together.

Often you will find that someone can be called a carpenter but will also deal with joinery work, if you get a team such as Eastwood’s Carpentry then it will usually come with a variety of different people, all with different skill sets that can be bought together for the ultimate home improvement project.

Timber framed structures

Large framed structures made from wood might seem like a simple task for someone with little experience to erect but the truth is there is a lot that goes into getting them built properly. If everything is not precisely level it could cause an off-balance with the rest of the structure. Getting these sorted should always be done through an expert with wooden beams.

Overall unless you have a great experience in the world of carpentry you should always hire an expert to help you out. If there is something more simple however such as fitting a shelf or simply extending an existing fixture you might just want to have a little go yourself and see how far you get.


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