5 most popular type of flower garden



When looking to start a hobby of gardening there are many questions you should ask yourself before starting. Where you will plant it, do you have the garden equipment to do it and how much garden do you want? When the plant flowers will begin to bloom, how the height of the plant? Park is also one of the unique and interesting way of expression of each owner’s personality.

There are so many options and the types of crops that can be planted in a park, but if you are still confused with the type of crop to be grown, seek immediate and complete reference information from books and the internet. Here is a list of 5 types of the most popular flowering plant (and also the favorite choice of several garden designer):

1. Cosmos, this flower can grow and be planted anywhere. Cosmos plant height varies from 12 inches up to a height of 4 meters.

2. Marigold, these plants have a combination of yellow, orange, red and some other colors. Marigold flowers will bloom when 45 to 50 days from the first planted and rarely need water to infrequent watering is not a problem.

3. Morning Glory, type of flower has heart-shaped leaves and lavender have a variety of colors including white, blue, red, pink.

4. Rose, one of the types of flowers that do not require consistent watering, and care that is not too complicated.

5. Sunflowers, flowers with petals the color of the sun, reddish yellow with a black circle in the middle. Sunflowers can reach a height of more than 1 meter depending on the condition of the plant itself.

In order for your garden to flourish, you need to perform regular maintenance every day as do the watering, cutting. Do not forget to complement your gardening tools, hobby caring for plants that will be increasingly easy to do.

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