5 Things to Know about Home Security Companies

There are a number of Home Security Companies that offer a whole range of home protection systems and services. Some even offer warranties on equipment and have a replacement policy while others don’t. Though almost 80% of homeowners have some kind of home protection use these tips to find a company that suites your needs.

1 – Response time

Install an alarm system in your home with a company that offers you good monitoring services. Before installing find out from the internet or other users which company makes responses immediately when the control system triggers off an alarm. After all, if you are paying for the service on a monthly basis but if it does not work when you do have a rare break-in then you can hardly call that home security system reliable. 

2 – Full or partial control

Many companies offer a full control home security. With full control you can remotely view camera footage from a smartphone, adjust the lighting, turn off and on small appliances, lock and unlock doors so you don’t have to bother about keys. Besides getting alerts on your smartphone some companies allow you to customize the services so you know when your child comes home or when a service professional like a dog walker arrives at your home no matter where you located you have things in control. This may sound really good and helpful but what about the pricing? Choose a company that has a clear structure and no hidden costs like extra charges for these unique services from other companies and that they also report a break – in, fire or smoke hazard and don’t leave the reporting to you.

3 – Transparency

Customers require home security companies to address their problems and take praise along with criticism in a constructive way. It is always smart to read alarm company reviews on ADT or any other companies before buying.  There are some companies that have set up their public forums on the net on Facebook or on their company forum sights. A company that publicly addresses issues and finds a resolution in the minimum time will work out better than one that has no public forum and so would not like to be criticized publicly.

4 – Contract or no contract

There are companies that do not follow a contract system and these could be those that allow you to own the equipment as well. For those homeowners who do not require an elaborate monitoring system will find such companies cost effective. Since there is no contract you own the equipment and you can move with it when you have to change location. However, a company that has a contract system may charge monthly fees for the varying services they offer which could be different for different companies even for the same service so check that out. 

5 – Linkup System

Companies offer a smartphone linkup a web based one and a landline one. The landline may not be smart but it is affordable. A cell phone link up is the most expensive of the three and is also quite effective if the company is a good one.

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