6 Easy Tips To Choosing Lightweight steel roof

Lightweight steel

Lightweight steel

Lightweight steel roofs have now become one of the top materials to look for when someone wants to build a house. Some of the advantages of this material have attracted the attention of many people whom at first were only  inclined to roofing materials from wood. Manufacturers and companies like DePalma Construction also have been aware of this trend and they are now producing a wide range of metal roofs with different qualities and price.

Idea Houses try to give 6 Tips that will make it easier when want to choose a quality roofing materials so that no one chose. Here are some simple tips from us:

1. In choosing any materials to where you live, the first thing you should always do is find out the credibility of the material manufacturer. The more credible and the greater the name of a manufacturer, at least it can be a guarantee of better quality than the name of an unknown manufacturer.

2. Feel free to always ask for full details of the size and specifications of the materials that you will choose. Especially ask the dimension / size of the Main Frame (Channel C), the bigger / thicker C Channel, the greater the weight of the load to bear. Likewise, if the smaller / thinner C Channel heavy burden it was getting smaller.

3. Look for information about anti-rust coating thickness of material. There is standard rules apply:

a. Galvanized coating with a zinc (Zinc) alone, anti rust coating minimum thickness usually 180gr/m2. If the number is greater than the better quality anti-rust coating.

b. Galvalum, a coating with zinc (zinc) and aluminum with a minimum thickness of rust layer is 150gr/m2. Each manufacturer has a mixture of zinc composition rules with different aluminum.

4. In a purchase transaction, you will surely be software to assist in the installation process. But still you need to be sure, given the software has a certification from the agency / construction consultants experienced.

5. Software to help is not enough, ask also to the manufacturer where you purchased the materials, whether also provide professional services for installation. Check the quality and qualifications of the fixer, too.

6. Do not ever hesitate to ask for advice and construction consultant or architect with experience in the installation process, to avoid mistakes.

Hopefully with 6 easy tips can help you avoid wrong when choosing a lightweight steel roof that will be used in the home of your dreams.

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