A Dream Bathroom Is Not A Dream Anymore

For every single room in our homes we have an ideal way that we think it should look. Sometimes this dream design will be out of our reach in terms of time needed, cost and space, whilst at other times achieving our dream room may be fairly straightforward to do. This article is all about turning your dream bathroom design into a reality. By continuing to read on you will learn a number of awesome and inexpensive tips to make your bathroom fantastic. All of these tips and tricks are easy to implement yourself with only a few requiring the assistance of an expert. Regardless of this, following these tips is guaranteed to leave you with a beautiful and unique bathroom.

First Things First

Unlike remodeling say, a bedroom or a living room, remodeling a bathroom poses a few more risks. This is because every bathroom is surrounded by multiple water pipes, linking the sink, shower, toilet and bath directly to the water mains. Therefore it is vital that before you carry out any work on your bathroom you take out sufficient insurance. Doing so will protect you from any damages that may occur due to the remodeling of your bathroom, saving you a great deal of money in the long run. Ask friends and family, or consult online reviews for recommendations, and choose the provider that best suits you and provides you with the best cover for protecting your bathroom – once that’s taken care of, you can move on the exciting stuff!

Add A Little Colour

The majority of bathrooms tend to be whitewashed which gives them a medical room feel. This is not how any dream bathroom should feel, so when thinking about the design give some thought to the colour you want your bathroom to be. The colour you decide on will largely depend on your personal preference, the size of the room and how you want the room to feel. This is because you want your bathroom to be your own and the colour can create a more spacious feel and can be used to create a specific atmosphere. If you’re remodeling on a budget it’s a great idea to use paint as it’s pretty cheap and can really work wonders for your bathroom.

Choose The Flooring Carefully

When remodeling a bathroom you should never decide on a flooring just because it looks good. It is crucial that you think of the practicalities of the flooring. If you choose a non-durable, slippery floor surface it is bound to lead to injuries, which you definitely don’t need. Marble, stone and ceramic are a few good choices as they are all durable and water-resistant. Never, neglect the flooring as it can prevent injuries and is the foundation for your bathroom remodel. Everything else you decide on will have to match and complement the flooring you choose.

Get Some Awesome Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom is important. Not enough people give it the attention it needs which can lead to a complete bathroom remodeling looking terrible. The types of lights you choose are entirely up to you. However, you need to make sure that sufficient light is provided for your bathroom. If this isn’t the case your bathroom may end up looking incredibly dingy and unwelcoming. A great suggestion is to have two sets of lighting installed in your bathroom, a bright set and dimmer set. The bright set can be used for normal bathroom activities whilst the dimmer setting can be used when you wish to relax in the bath.

Aim For Elegance

You won’t achieve your dream bathroom design by choosing average looking features. Instead, take your time and shop around for some elegant features for your bathroom. Doing this will produce a brilliant finished product that you can be proud of. If you don’t have a huge budget there is no need to worry. Simply decide on what feature is most important for you, for example your bath or sink, and allocate more money on it whilst cutting back on other features. This is a perfect compromise and will still produce fantastic results.

Don’t Neglect The Mirror

The bathroom mirror often appears pretty low down on the priorities list when the bathroom is being remodeled. People usually just pick any old mirror as long as it can be used to apply makeup in and they can see themselves in it when they are brushing their teeth. However, choosing a beautiful mirror is fundamental for all dream bathrooms. You should pick a mirror that stands out and adds some value to the room. You will be surprised with the difference that it makes.

By following all or at least a few of these tips you will be able to get the bathroom you deserve. Just take your time and pay attention to the things other people often miss – after reading this article, this should be no problem! As long as you do these things,your achieving your dream bathroom design will be a breeze!

This article is a guest contribution by Lisa Peteres, a freelance writer specializing in home improvement and interior design topics. She writes on behalf of www.homeownersinsurance.com the largest provider of home insurance quotes online.

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