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Swimming has always been a favorite sport of many people.Even today even though there are many newsports emergingsports pools,the sport of swimming still has its devotees.

Swimming in addition to healthy,and has many benefits such as shrinking the stomach, train muscles, and increase height, also able to refresh.Most people who like to swim,usually channel their hobbies by swimming in publicpools that can be found easily.

However, for those of you who do not really like to swim in public places, make a private pool at home is one of the alternatives that can be taken.Usually the swimming pool becomes one of the facilities that are identical with the grand and large house.But in fact, if you have enough land behind the house,you can also make your own private swimming pool.Of course because of the limited size of the land you can not make a swimmingpool of public swimming pool, but at least you can create a minimalist swimmingpool small but adequate for you and your family.

Some Things to watch out for to create a swimming pool:

1. The first thing you should notice is the size of the pool and the availability of vacant land at home.If the available land is not too big, it does not matter if the pool is small.Because the most important is how you menyiasatinya. In addition, you also have to adjust the pool layout with the concept and theme of the house.Because the layout has an effect on the main factor of making a swimmingpool, so make a plan carefully.

2. The area around the pool is as important as the physical structure of the pool itself. One of the things to watch out for is the patio or pool deck.There are many ideas for you in creating a pool deck. Some of them such as wooden decks,floors with natural rocks,stepping stone are arranged artistically or even a terrace that integratesdirectly with the house building.

There are two important things related to this pool deck.First, the terrace is made to be anti-skid and not slippery in order to maintain the safety and comfort of you and your family.Second, the cleanliness of the pool deck. You can use the power washer machine to keep the pool deck always clean and shiny.Due to the cleanliness of the pool terrace also affects the comfort of your family, is not it?

3. After determining the layout and terrace of the swimming pool, now is the time you determine the vegetation that can beautify your pool.If you want a natural natural atmosphere, give a natural touch by planting coconut trees, frangipani, red dadap or banana fan to accompany your tropical swimming pool.But if you want to plant another tree, no problem as long as it is still in accordance with the concept and theme of your home.

4. Not only the outdoor beauty of the pool, the physical state of the pool must also be considered. One of them is the water depth. For adult pools, the water depth is 1.4 meters to 2 meters.You can combine the two by creating a ramp as the depth separator. If you have children at home,the recommended water depth is about 0.5 meters.

5. Water and circulation system also has its own effect. Make overflow or water spills poolside, to add a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.Alternatively,you can use the stacked temple stone for the edges of its overflow.You should also pay attention to the state of the pool water when it is used. Is a bit turbid because of oil from lotions,hair or even skin left in the water.Just throw the tennis ball into the water, and the fiber fiber will immediately absorb the oil left behind. A unique way, is not it?

6. There are several types of filters to choose from,so plan ahead of time before creating a swimming pool. Because the filter used will affect theconstruction of the building,and the structure of the pool itself.

7. The next important thing to note is the level of floor height.Keep the pool’s height no higher than the pool deck. It is intended to maintain thecomfort and safety of the family.

So some things you should consider in making a swimming pool, hopefully this article useful.

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