Always Keep Vanilla Extract in Your Home


Vanilla is known for its fragrance. Vanilla is often used for cake mixes or cooking. With the right dose can add flavor vanilla cake or dishes. There is also a catch term vanilla as a body deodorant alias types of perfume, vanilla mixed into various types of body care products. Because of the many benefits of vanilla, it is important to always keep a cabinet vanilla extract in your home kitchen. Here’s another benefit of vanilla:

1. Insect repellent.
Who would have thought that vanilla scented lure unwelcome insects, especially mosquitoes. This is because vanilla has a strong scent similar to orange peel. The difference, more powerful vanilla aroma repel cockroaches and flies are fond of flying in the house.

2. Fragrances room.
Vanilla is able to eliminate odor in a room. Not only for the body, scented vanilla fragrant also able to repel odors in your home.
The trick vanilla essential oil spray to the corners in the space you want diharumkan. For example, in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, even a wardrobe.

3. Deodorizer tableware.
After eating the dishes strong spices and greasy, which is quite troublesome job is to eliminate odors that adhered to tableware. Plate, bowl, fork, spoon, for example.
When the wash with dish soap was not completely eliminate the smell, then use vanilla extract were dripped into the cotton. Then apply to the whole cotton eating utensils that have been cleaned.
Alternatively, place the cotton was in the drawer storage tableware. Let the whole night and see the results the next day.

4. Eliminate odors in the refrigerator.
Vanilla extract can be used to dissipate the odor in your fridge. To be more optimal, vanilla extract dissolve into the water and then wipe the sidelines of the refrigerator with a cloth.
Or if you want the fridge is always fragrant, just place some cotton dipped vanilla extract. Or if you want the fridge is always fragrant, just place some cotton dipped vanilla extract.

5. Reduce the smell of paint.
There are things less fun than a job painting the interior walls of the house, the smell of wet paint caused. To avoid this odor, before painting should mix one teaspoon vanilla into a bucket of paint. The smell of paint missing, the house became more fragrant.

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