Always keep your garage so neat and clean



To maintain the existing garage at our house is quite ‘ tricky ‘ . because the garage is often used as a storage place of all things is no longer desirable or even its existence converted into a warehouse .

And often , something that had entered the garage , we would often difficult to find again . because the items that exist in our garage that we did not put it on a regular basis . Well , this time I will try to give you tips for my friends that there is a garage that can look more presentable :

The first should we do if there are large items that are not used anymore ( the little bikes , ladders , garden tools , etc. ) put the item to the wall using plugs of metal or wood .

Classify the items that have the same utility that can help us look for , such as classification handyman equipment , garden tools , power tools and equipment car , use the former site of jam jars to store small items such as nails and bolts .

Should keep such equipment in the rack , do not let or stacked on the floor . Old kitchen cabinets or shelves simple that can be studied alone , as a place to store equipment .

Look for tubes to prepare the items can be recycled such as paper , glass , and plastic . Place the tube in place affordable . If you include those who were forgetful it would be nice if you give the name of the storage area and make a list of personal items stored in each place . It will be helpful for you .

Keep cans of oil and other liquids with a closed meeting . Discard cans that do not contain and is not used anymore to maintain the cleanliness and smell . Immediately clean spilled oil on the floor and walls .

Once you set the garage , consider closing the garage windows with paint or other decorative products as extra security when you’re not at home . That way , people will not be able to say the house was empty because there was not a car or you do not immediately appear .

If indeed these items , it is no longer used but still valuable , there is no harm if the items you sell in multiple online trading site .

And this is the last and most important : Care Garage ! Do not let the garbage pile up that will make your garage as archaeological sites .

So suggestions from me, good luck .

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