Arrange The Living Room That Blends With The Guest Room

In these days, not a few homes with living rooms and living rooms are made together. Limitations of land in a minimalist style house gave birth to a trend that one room not only can be functioned for one activity only.

For example Living room, can functioned into the family room and even the dining room depending on the needs and desires of the owner of the house. So what if you are a guest but family activity also can not be stopped at the same time?

It is recommended to place a delimiter in order to provide personal space to the family while there are people who visit. One of them by placing the curtain cover shelf.

Curtains can be closed when guests come for family activities are not too visible. If the guest is home, the curtains can be reopened to provide more flexibility for the children or other family members to move.

In addition to the curtains, other furniture that can be used as a barrier of a room that fused together is a long rack but with a low altitude. This model shelf can be a room divider without making the house seem increasingly narrow.

On the shelf you can place some decoration or decoration. For example a flower vase, a jar or some collection of photo frames.

In order to distinguish where the living room and family room, you should choose a different color theme. For example, for the living room is given the feel of more formal colors such as beige, beige, or white. While the family room select a more casual and cheerful color theme, such as pastel palette and given a more attractive motif accent. So the information can be submitted, I hope this information is useful for you.

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