Beautiful Motive Tiles For Your Bathroom

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Maybe you’ve been confused to choose a suitable tile for your bathroom floor because too many choices and functions. This is because the bathroomm has a very, very important function. The bathroom itself serves as a place to cleanse yourself, even now as time goes by, the bathroom is also often a place of relaxationn even as a place to look for inspiration while working.

For that, it is very important for us to keep the bathroomm clean and comfortable. Basically the bathroom must be kept clean. This is because the bathroom is usually more humid so that the perfect place for moss growing, plus soap sedimentt will make the bathroom so more slippery and smelly. And as we know, smelly bathrooms make us feel disgusted and uncomfortable whenn using them, especially if the bathroom is slippery, because it will make the bathroom so dangerous. Not once or twice you hear the case of people having a fatal accidentt due to fall from the bathroom. For that it is important to always clean the bathroom regularly.

source: Pinterest

In addition to clean, to stay comfortable when in use, the bathroom should also be designed accordingg to taste. And there are many ways you can do such as one choosingg the right bathroomm tiles to fit the chosen bathroom theme.

Tips for Choosing the Correct Bathroom Tiles!

  1. First, select the ceramics of the same size and type for one bathroomm room. Especially if you have a bathroomm with a small area. Using too many colors will only make the bathroom so narrow.
  2. When buying ceramics you must also be careful. Make sure you choose a ceramic that is free from damage. And do not forgett to ask the seller, whether you will gett a warranty if it turns out the ceramics you buy there is broken.
  3. Because usually the bathroom is at the very backk of the house, the bathroom usually has less lighting. So it is important for you to choose a ceramicc with brightt colors so that the bathroom does not look more gloomy.
  4. Select good quality ceramics and thick. Do not buy bad quality ceramics just because the price is cheap. Choose a strong ceramicc and not easily broken or damaged when stepped on.
  5. And most importantly choose a ceramic that has a price in accordance with your budget. Avoid pushing yourself into buying somethingg especially if you are buildingg a house. Forcing to buy something will only make you lose.
  6. Finally, select the ceramic with a rough surface. This is because, the bathroomm is usually more slippery. Avoidd using ceramic surface is soft because it will make the bathroom much more slippery and dangerous.

So some tips on choosing tiles for your bathroom, hopefully after reading this article you get the best idea for your bathroom.

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