Beautify Bathroom

Beauty Bathroom

Beauty Bathroom

Here are some suggestions to beautify your bathroom :

1 . Replace curtains on the windows or wet areas with attractive colors that will create a cheerful and fresh atmosphere in the bathroom . Given the considerable size , the curtain can also become a focal point in the room interesting .

2 . Make a space on the wall to put the soap container so impressed into the wall . This method also can get around the limitations of land in the bathroom . Use striking colors as accents , such as container use white soap on the bathroom wall in dark brown .

3 . Make shelves to put the magazine on the toilet for easy reach. To make it look more attractive , place with several accessories to beautify the room , such as a vase or other decoration , which is placed on the shelves .

4 . Get carpet to put in a certain area , such as in footwear close toilet seat , next to the bath tub , or in a dry area . Nothing wrong with the carpet you use striking colors , such as maroon , green , or blue as long as it fits juxtaposed with shades of color in the bathroom area as a whole . The iridescence can help create a new atmosphere while providing warmth in the bathroom area which generally seemed cool .

5 . As a final touch , it could not hurt to bring plant material into the shower area , by using the pot in one corner of the room . This method also makes the area of privacy in this house feel more alive .

Hopefully the information above is useful to you .

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