Beauty Design of Minimalist Garden

Minimalist Garden

Minimalist Garden

Increasingly limited land due to the rapid increase of population. While the market demand for higher occupancy. Good for urban and residential areas.

This makes the developers work around this by designing a minimalist style house. This action also affects the development of the minimalist garden design. Since the minimalist garden design refers to the minimalist style of the house.

Minimalist Garden Design Concept

Indeed, if viewed from the concept, minimalist style of garden design and minimalist house design has a similar concept. Among others, with the game on the vertical and horizontal lines like any garden design minimalist home design minimalist on.

A garden can be called minimalist garden if the garden looks likely frugal with ornament decorations. So the park is not assessed valuation of the elements of ornaments that decorate it.

As a result the park will look neat, clean, simple and simple but still show the beauty of a garden. Apart from decorative knick knacks, harsh elements supporting this park will look neat and clean. This is possible due to the use of a field with a lot more flat surfaces, such as the use of flat or round gravel, grass block, or block paving to complement the garden elements.

Plants are used as a complement to the minimalist design of the park is also a plant that has a slow growth. The species include yellow bamboo, cypress, ylang, frangipani, and others.

Minimalist Tropical Garden Design

But the minimalist garden design can also be changed to suit your taste. Especially for those who prefer a tropical garden bursting with flowers. You can make a garden design minimalist design style combined with a tropical garden.

You need to deal with how to combine the two elements are very different garden design has become an integral and beautiful and harmonious. Minimalist garden are usually dominated by lines that give the impression of monotony and stiff due to lack of plant elements. Can you strategy by adding some tropical plants in the minimalist garden.

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