Benefits of Baking Powder at Home

Baking Powder

Baking powder is not only used for making cakes but can be used to clean a room or specific objects in the house. Such benefits make baking powder is no less effective than the commonly used cleaning products. Moreover, baking soda safer than general cleaning products contain harmful chemicals.

The benefits of baking powder that you should know:
1. Fat and smell the microwave oven can be easily removed with baking powder when cleaning it.

2. Smooth water drains clogged kitchen sink. Pour hot water mixed with baking powder down the drain. Besides launch, deodorize drains.

3. Baking powder can clean the kitchen furniture made of enamel and copper. You do not need to be confused if there are stains on the furniture burnt your cook.

4. Stench stung in the trash can be overcome by sprinkling baking powder. The smell will slowly begin to decrease.

5. Offensive odor in the refrigerator can be eliminated by putting baking powder into the container and store in refrigerator. Baking powder will neutralize the odor.

6. The smell of the meal box is usually difficult to remove. But try to soak box meal with baking powder and warm water overnight then the smell is gone.

7. You can get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke in the room to put baking powder in the ashtray.

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