Carpet Cleaning Techniques Without Water

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If you are using a carpet at home, you definitely feel uncomfortable when something is spilled on it, we all know how it feels. A spilled guests coffee, cat or dog from the muddy yard right up to the top of the carpet. And if you have kids, this is likely to happen more often, or it could be said every day. But do not fear, even though you have a synthetic or wool carpeting, we can do a simple technique for cleaning stains on the carpet.

Carpet washing with water is not an easy job, because of their large size and weight, not to mention we needed a place to leave them wide. Steam carpet cleaning is a popular way to clean the carpet because of its ability reliable. A fine mist of steam and special detergent sprayed onto the carpet to loosen and remove dirt, which is then sucked up by the vacuum. Washing wool carpet with plenty of water and even require special handling. If you use water that is too hot, the carpet will begin to shrink and smaller than actual size. The other thing about water is that wool and wool naturally have a high water content and nature as absorbent, so it will be easily damaged.

So how do you clean the carpet wool without using water? The best way to care for woolen carpets is to clean it with vacuum regularly. Wool fiber has a natural waxy coating that helps keep it absorbs dirt, so if you find the dirt is still new, you can clean it easily. Various types of wool carpets require different treatments. Wool carpets made with loops, for example, should be vacuumed by vacuum suction only and should not be pounded.

There will be times when there is dirt on the carpet needed to be cleaned and the vacuum can not handle it. If you still do not want to use the water, then a special shampoo the carpet wool is the best way. You can buy a special shampoo with safe label for wool. You simply squirt foam shampoo in a dirty place, wait until dry and then use a vacuum to clean. Dry powder is another option that can be used, but is not recommended for wool carpet because the powder will be embedded in the fiber and just add dirt and bacteria are already there.

But if your problem is the dust that has accumulated, like most we have experienced, then the easiest way to clean without water is the flick. Enlist the help of someone to hold one end of the carpet, and you hold the other end, then shake a few times until the dust out of the carpet.

Similarly, information on Carpet Cleaning Techniques Without Water, hopefully in the information useful for you.

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