Choose a color for your child’s bedroom

child bedroom

child bedroom

Wall paint color selection to be applied to a child’s bedroom can not be done only by gender (sex ) of your child . For example, for girls will likely be given the color pink while boys are given blue.

You can also use this opportunity to engage your child learn to make choices , because a child’s room is a private area of the child . Let him choose the color – his favorite color . Do not forget to consider your child’s age . Why it is important to consider age ? Because color affects stimulus caused.

For more like this , for example, children aged under five should be given color – bright colors that enrich their child’s visual vocabulary you . Meanwhile, if your child is in the age range of 5-12 years , you can try to give children the opportunity to make choices on his favorite color .

What about teen -age children ? Hormonal influences cause children teens tend to be more active , therefore ahead and create a more dynamic impression by blending dynamic colors such as yellow and blue .

Hopefully the information only to provide inspiration for you , good luck .

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