Choosing the Right Fencing Material for Your Industrial Complex

The most common sign that you need new fencing around your industrial complex is when you see signs of human habitation. You cannot be there 24/7, which gives others the chance to sneak inside. Some of your unwanted visitors may include teenagers looking for a place to hook up or host a party and homeless people searching for a place to live. You may find an abundance of trash left behind and even see people sneaking away in the morning. Whether you need to replace an old fence or put up a new fence, you need to know to choose the right material.


One thing you need to consider is the climate in your region. Industrial fencing Jacksonville FL materials are naturally different than those used in the Midwest. Midwestern complexes need fences made from materials that are resistant to rusting and other damage caused by harsh winters. Those in Florida need fences that can hold up to frequent rain as well as the hurricanes that can come in off the coast. If you live in a more mild climate, you can stick with an ornamental fence or one made from untreated wood.

Wood, Metal and More

Choosing a fence in the past simply required that you pick between wood and metal, but there are now a large number of materials that you can choose from before putting up a new fence. When you opt for wood, you need to pick between wood types like birch, pine, bamboo and cypress. If you want a metal fence, you can look for fences made from stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized metal. Manufacturers today also make industrial fences from PVC and plastic materials.

Size and Height

Before you can pick the best type of material, you need to consider the overall size and height of the fence that you want. A smaller ranch fence with gaps between the slats can keep out some wild animals but won’t pose a threat to human intruders. Security fences that are five-feet high or taller can block out most threats to your business. It’s important that you consider the budget that you have in mind too and the maximum amount that you want to spend as certain materials will significantly increase the cost of that fence. Looking at all these factors can help you select the right material for your industrial fence.

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