Clean the shower head in the bathroom

Head shower

Head shower

Head shower easily clogged by the crust and the lime from the water. This resulted in a very little water pressure. Besides water containing calcium are also more prone to rust, keep in mind that rust will also clog water too. Baseline characteristics of the shower head in the bathroom began to experience a blockage is the appearance of a white precipitate on the shower head might even mushrooms.

But you need not worry, the following will discuss the simple steps you can do yourself to clean a clogged shower head.

– Look for a thick plastic bag and insert the white vinegar.

– Tie a shower head in a plastic bag containing white vinegar before. And let soak for overnight.

– In the morning, remove the plastic bag ties and then rub with a brush, sediment on the shower head. Then may try to start the shower and see how much pressure the water, if it feels it is too slow because of the blockage, then you need to continue the steps below:

– Turn off the main water supply to the bathroom. Open the bolt on the shower head pipe keys and use a wrench.

– Use a small wire or paper clip

– Put your head in a bucket shower was small, pour white vinegar into the bucket, let it soak for 4-6 hours. After that try to pry shower head using a small wire or paper clip.

– Rub the surface of the shower head with a soft bristle brush and rinse with plain water.

– Clean the former glue glue on the base tape and tape the shower head with a new pipe glue and replace the shower head. After that try to turn on the water flow to the shower head in your bathroom. Make sure the shower head is securely installed to prevent water leaking at the base of the shower head.

The steps above you can do yourself at home, good luck.

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