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clean wastafel

clean wastafel

How to clean a bathroom is important to know and the job is not as difficult or seize as much time as you might think! You need to use different strategies and tools for each fixture cleanliness and bathroom area. Nonetheless, you do not need a lot of products to make your bathroom remains bright. Make sure that each area of the bathroom clean and tidy. This article provides tips to help you clean the bathrooms and toilets and bathrooms kept clean brilliant!

Clean the sink

The sink area is usually the easiest to clean and requires the least specialized equipment when starting to clean the bathroom. You need some microfiber cloth, a multi-purpose cleaning cloth, and cleaning products crust lime or vinegar if you live in an area of high water levels of lime. Always remember to try out the products you use first in the small and hidden.

#Get rid of all the objects that exist in and around the sink.
#Fill the sink with hot water. It can lift most of the dirt and releasing the remains of the existing stain.
#Empty the sink and use every cleaning tool you want to use, including vinegar or other products to remove descaling.
#Rub each basin in the sink thoroughly. If you want to eliminate unpleasant odors, use baking soda powder then wipe or rinse the sink surface.
#Wash basin or tub, sink and wipe it clean using a cleaning cloth or microfiber cloth versatile.

clean toilet

Cleaning the Toilet

One of the processes that are less favored by many people when cleaning the bathroom is clean toilets. However, cleaning the toilet can be easy with the right tools. There are many choices toilet cleaners, began in the form of powder to liquid, but you also need a toilet brush, rubber gloves, foam cleaning and disinfectant sprays. Let’s get started!

*Once you wear gloves, wash the toilet to wet the inside of the toilet.
*Wear on the edge of the toilet cleaners around the mouth of the toilet to make sure it reaches the entire surface cleaners.
*Rub the entire edge of the toilet, including the inside of the toilet, using toilet brush. Follow the instructions on toilet cleaning products. For stubborn stains, you should leave the toilet cleaners are already poured for a few minutes.
*Flush the toilet back and repeat steps 2 and 3 to reach a satisfactory condition according to you.
*With disinfectant spray and foam, wipe the toilet seat, cover, and all parts of the toilet. You can clean the entire surface with a clean cloth or wait for a toilet disinfectant to dry before use.
*Remember, never mix drugs with acidic toilet cleaners (acidic) with a spray containing bleach or vice versa! Always follow the usage instructions on the label any toilet cleaning products that you use.

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