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Washing machine has a very large role in the affairs of the household, you need to know the right way at home taking care of the washing machine for durability. Here’s a guide gradually and some handy tips to keep your washing machine is always in top condition. Always check the manual washing machine before cleaning it and make sure you wear protective clothing when in contact with cleaning products.

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How to Clean Washing Machine Aperture Home

1. In the washing machine you have clear, run the washing program using hot water. This process will clean up the remnants of detergent that has accumulated in the washing machine.

2. Pour two cups of white vinegar into the detergent drawer to eliminate odors and run the washing program at a temperature of 40 degrees.

3 .Apabila you have a washing machine detergent drawer, remove and soak in the sink or large bucket. If very dirty, soak in a mixture of hot water and carbolic taste. Follow usage instructions on the product label carbolic you use and follow the safety guidelines.

4. While waiting for the detergent drawer being soaked, wet a cloth with hot water to wipe all parts of the washing machine door. Pull the outskirts of rubber sealing washer door carefully to clean the soap and dirt crust underneath.

5. Wipe also the channel that connects the detergent drawer and tube washing machine.

6. Use an old toothbrush to clean up leftover residue soaked in detergent drawer.

7. Rinse, pat dry, and replace the detergent drawer.

How to Clean Washing Machine Aperture Top

The process of cleaning the opening of the washing machine is slightly different than the process of cleaning the washing machine front opening:

1. Start by running a program using hot water washing in the washing machine you have empty.

2. Run the program washing with hot water once again. At the time of the washing machine was filled with water and began to shake, add about 750 ml of white vinegar and 60 grams of powder baking soda.

3. Let the solution is stirred for 30 seconds, then turn off the washing machine. Let stand for half an hour to an hour.

4. After the tube wall washer completely submerged, restart and complete the washing program.

5. Turn off the washing machine and wipe the inside wearing a cloth soaked in hot water and vinegar mixture with comparable composition. Make sure you wipe it thoroughly, including the edges of the ceiling and the tube.

Tips on Cleaning Machine Dryer and Washing Machine Two Tube

Here are some tips on cleaning the parts of the washing machine multifunctional, ie washing machine two tubes:

a. Colored stains due faded clothes that stick to the surface of the tube can generally be cleaned with the help of quality cleaning spray and cloth.

b. For stubborn stains somewhat, after spraying, washing programs run for 15 minutes with the tube containing a few pieces of cloth or towel. Check the user manual cleaning products on the label.
For the dryer, make sure all the vents are not clogged.

c. Make sure you regularly clean the fiber filter in the dryer. Rinse under tap water once a month, let it dry, then reinstall.

d. Vacuum cleaner can help you clean up job fibers attached to the filter and other parts of the machine.

How to Take Care Washing Machines

Job cleaning the washing machine will not be too heavy if you follow the simple tips treatment washer below.

a. Use detergent in the right amount. Follow the dosage instructions on the packaging label detergent. It could be that you do not need as much detergent you think! Washing machine while providing the same performance without excess dose detergent. You also avoid the accumulation of traces of detergent in the tube. If you live in an area that flowed soft water, you do not need as much detergent if you live in a hard water area irrigated.

b. Use cleaning tablets descaling product if necessary. This product will help clean the sewer pipe water from mineral pile. If the water in your home is very hard, doing routine pipeline inspection, and add more vinegar when cleaning the washing machine.

c. Clean the excess foam. If you make very large detergent foam at the time of washing, rinsing program run once again to ensure that no residual detergent left.

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