Complete guide to how to buy ceramics for your home



If the construction of your dream home already reached 50 % progress , it’s time to buy ceramics . Here are its phases .

1 . Note the characteristics of the room to be installed tile . Ceramics for bathroom floor tile is different with different living room and also the carport floor . Customize the design of your home . Read articles about basic knowledge Ceramic type .

2 . Go to the store or showroom that sells ceramics . Ask for catalog and as much information about ceramics . Especially about the availability of goods . Note also its price so as not to stray far from your home budget plan .

3 . If you want some different types of ceramic to a different room , do not buy right away. Consult your choice on the architect or other family members . It takes time if you want a satisfactory result .

4 . Measure the area of each room to be coated ceramics . Make a list of purchases . Do not forget to add 5 % the number of ceramic tile for backup if there are broken during transport or installation .

5 . Make sure the ceramic types , colors , patterns and sizes of ceramic that you will buy . Use your catalog or notes when Flo ceramic shop . Do not forget to make some kind of ceramic tile backup if any of our stock options was not sufficient .

6 . At the time of delivery make sure all the goods in good condition and nothing is broken . Note also the code size and shades of the same color on each of its box . Because once we sign a receipt will be difficult to restore the tile if there are defects .

The problem that we often face in buying ceramic is insufficient stock . In fact we ‘ve matched with our choice . Please be advised that this type of ceramic it so much , so it is not possible for a ceramic store to store stock in bulk for all types of ceramics . Just imagine how big warehouse should they make for goods not sell well .

Usually stores that sell ceramic tile will look for that kind of stock you want to place. Perhaps the same store in another branch , the center or the manufacturers warehouse . If the stock remains no supplier will ask for the date of the next production to producers for the ceramic types . If you have to wait a few months is better you change your choice .

That is why to obtain a satisfactory tile floor you have to order it ahead of time . If your home is no storage place , the keeper can store it for you and send you home right when you need it .
Hopefully the above information is useful to you .

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