Creating a clean and healthy environment

Menciptakan Lingkungan yang Bersih dan Sehat

Clean environment is the desire of everyone. But not easy to create an environment we can look clean and tidy so comfortable to be seen. Not infrequently because of the rush and various other reasons, we are less concerned about the cleanliness of the environment around us, especially the home environment. As the advancement of the level of people’s minds as well as technological advances in all areas of life, the level of consciousness to have an environment with clean conditions should be improved than before. A variety of information about the importance of the environment with a clean and healthy condition can be known through print and online.

Of course the environment in a clean and healthy conditions will make the occupants comfortable and healthy body maintained. The health of the human body is the most vital position. The reason is certainly lead to the diversity of human life activities in meeting their needs. In fact, there are many benefits to be felt by someone with keeping their environment still looks clean and tidy. A clean environment will take away resources for disease develops around us. It was certainly related to health. Moreover, with a clean environment as well, we will feel comfortable and at ease to be at home.

Actually, not just limited to the home environment, but also the neighborhood where it resides. The house has become the closest part of human life. All the plans and preparation for future life, always planned at home for a large percentage of the people in this world. So, it is proper to maintain cleanliness and health of the home environment is the responsibility of each individual. Although other factors outside of the home environment also affect the condition of cleanliness and health of the body, but the home environment including the most core and the first should be maintained first.

Clean environments that are free from the garbage, will also be protected from disasters like floods during the rainy season. One of the causes of flooding in various regions is due to the large trash scattered thereby inhibiting the flow of water. This is one of the bad behavior seemed to have become a culture of Indonesian society, especially in urban areas. Therefore, make the waste in scattered even buried conditions are not good.Cultural throw garbage in rivers and ditches, leading to a clean environment is difficult to achieve. However, to change that habit was not an easy thing to do. Limited land to make the trash, the reason people of the city to dispose of waste indiscriminately. Therefore, if reasonable efforts through a clean and healthy living culture has not yet maximal conducted simultaneously in all regions. Therefore, the government’s cooperation with the public must be well maintained in order to landfills as well as efforts to raise awareness of health and hygiene to be realized to the fullest.

The creation of clean environment is the responsibility of everyone including the government through policies and the realization of his actions. Furthermore, to foster such responsibility is required, and also a real step process. Processes and concrete steps that is the focus of our attention.

Provide awareness about the importance of a clean environment to the public, especially to children so that this awareness can grow from an early age. Familiarize clean life since the age of the children certainly more fruitful than habituation extraordinary suicide at the age thereafter. The reason is of course related to the awareness that managed to emerge through customs. Children do not need to be ordered or forced to always maintain personal hygiene and environment. They were given examples and understanding of the importance of cleanliness, it will stick and be done with the maximum and the best possible life. They will always remember the good positive things that are often done with awareness without fear, worry or anxiety if it has not managed to make the effort to maintain cleanliness. They will continue to learn and practice due to the surrounding environment provides examples and understanding correctly.

That’s several ways you can do to create a clean environment around us. With a clean environment it will be many benefits that will be felt by our lives.

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