Creating a garden with sufficient funds



Everyone wants a beautiful garden at her home , with green plants and beautiful flowers colorful . But sometimes it takes a considerable cost to create a garden that we want .

There is no harm if we have excess land to be used as a park . At a cost that is not too expensive , we can make our gardens and create your own design . The first step is to sketch your home page , as well as contour ( elevation difference ) land , terraces , walkways , driveways , flower beds and retaining walls . Here are some suggestions to make the park :

a. Use gravel or concrete paving for footpaths . If using gravel then select that have small pieces . Avoid the use of smooth rocks and large because of the potential to be plastered moss .

b . Cat back your used chairs and tables . Or you can get them at thrift stores .. If you are lucky then you can get a seat or bench according to your taste , but with a more affordable price . Add some potted plants , outdoor lights , or light torches for evening atmosphere .

c . Cut grass with a lawn mower or lawn with scissors . In order for grass clippings tidier and healthier plants , lawn mower blades should be sharpened every six weeks. Cut the grass will help enrich the soil and keep the grass plants stay green .

d . Make a flower garden pattern by wrapping a garden hose in accordance sketch . Garden hose is an invaluable tool for us to form the arch pattern in accordance with the desired design garden design . Add soil that has been mixed with compost to the garden arch pattern that has been made ??. Adjust the shape and contours of the land according to plan . Cover the top of the soil with an organic mulch such as dried leaves such as pine needles . To prevent the growth of weeds and unwanted wild plants should cover the soil with newspaper .

e . Choose the type of trees , plants , and flowers to suit the local climate that allows these plants are easy to grow and flourish .

That is some suggestion in a garden in your house , good luck .

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