Crystal Lamps Cleaning Tips

Tips Membersihkan Lampu Kristal

Chandelier hanging in the house are accessories that make part of the room becomes more inda house. The uniqueness of the type of crystal lamp light is produced to make the atmosphere was different than using ordinary light.

The correct treatment needs to be done considering the material and shape of the design of a variety of different lights with other lamp types. To keep the light crystal chandelier can adversely care is needed so that no material can cover the outer layer of the lights, as described below.

Before doing cleaning activities make sure you have decided an electric current that is connected to the crystal chandeliers, this is done to avoid you an electric shock when removing the lamp from the holder. Or for more safe shut off power at home by clicking “OFF” -kan MCB.

How to clean a chandelier

Materials needed:

  • Newsprint
  • Detergents
  • Baking soda
  • Salt
  • Emery number zero

Ceramic cleaning fluid.

1. Separate the parts of the chandelier. But before the first release of the hook hanger chandelier.

2. Prepare a bucket of water and add 250 grams of detergent. insert the lamp into the water is then let stand for one night. After soaking, the water turns black, throw and do immersion flow repeatedly to find the soaking water into a clear showing that the dirt has been shed.

3. Take several sheets of newspaper and place it on a flat table, put the crystal chandelier crystal on top and let sit to dry by itself and do not wipe.

4. Then wipe the frame
For a frame made of silver or stainless steel – Prepare as much as half a bucket of warm water and add a tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of salt into the water. Soak the framework of the lights during the night. After soaking overnight lifted and aerated to dry.

For a frame made of chrome – Mix 250 grams of detergent into a bucket of water and enter the order into it. Soak order for one night. Once clean, then wiped and dried using a high-fiber cloth for example by Chamois cloth until completely dry.

6. To remove rust in order to use the emery number zero. Or you can also use a liquid cleaner to remove rust ceramic. Then after missing rust soak in warm water order. Then wipe order to dry.

7. After the lights and order cleared, Rangkailah back chandelier as before.

In cleaning crystal lamps do not need every day, you can do the treatment once a month or when the lamp looks dirty.

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