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decorative glass

decorative glass

There are many ways that you can do to beautify the interior of your residence from the design office, choosing colors to paint the walls, and even the use of decorative glass elements (patterned glass) to decorate the room. But you can not necessarily use it as such, unified frontier colors of decorative glass to show harmony should be more thorough in the home.

Here’s the ingredient information on the type – type of decorative glass:

1. Sand Blasting Glass

Decorative glass manufacturing process is by spraying fine sand on the surface of the glass. Dust and dirt can be easily attached to smooth as the skin layer of glass is deliberately eroded to cause a specific pattern. The use of this type of decorative glass in place should stay away from dust attack.

2. Moons Glass

Also commonly known as Fusion Glass is a glass manufacturing process with stacked – stacked and burned up into one. The process of making glass is actually the development of techniques Melton Glass. Advantages of Glass Moons is a more colorful species – colorful and durable. Decorative glass also does not require metal to connect each piece of glass such as stained glass.

3. Melton Glass

Origin of the word itself actually means Melton molten glass, which is the word “melt” and “on” which means glass melted. Redemption process requires temperatures of up to 900 Degree Celsius for 20 hours. The nature of Melton Glass heavily textured glass making it more suitable for use in partitions, bedroom or bathroom.

4. Stained Glass

First discovered in the 10th century AD, is a combination of painting and color by using the framework of lead, copper or zinc which are connected using spider system – return to the form of their design. In the 1990’s known system triplon glass (triple glazed units) which is a technique of stained glass panels lining the two pieces of glass that protect it from air pollution and can also reduce the level of noise pollution from outside.

5. Lamina Art Glass

Decorative glass coating technique using two sheets of glass with a special film. In between two sheets of glass is inserted thin materials such as paper straw, photographs, paintings or cloth as decoration materials.

6. Arty Glass Overlay

Also known as the Bevel Glass Overlay decorative glass manufacturing techniques with the use of glue to glue glass transparent glass so that when installed will create the impression of a rainbow of colors.

Hopefully with information about the type – the type of decorative glass can help you to determine what the most decorative glass suitable for the interior of your home.

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