European Style Home Renovation

Renovasi Rumah Bergaya Eropa

An appropriate steps to renovate the family home which is located in Austin, Texas is creating a work of remarkable architecture. The house is situated among green trees are tall and shady. Renovation of the house redesigned by Specht Harpman by reusing parts of the house are still usable. But even so, still the end result of this European-style modern house.

This house also has a cantilevered, windows, two roof deck, and equipped with a green roof and pool. This home features not only well designed but also adapted to the environmental conditions.

This maximizes house glass wall, but using fuzzy pattern shades so that homeowners can still enjoy the stunning natural scenery and filter sunlight into the house.

The house is surrounded by high natural trees, lush green lawns and home design complementary to the atmosphere sektiarnya. Pool without side teralalu may indeed not great, but it was the perfect place for a family. It also adds beauty to the outdoor area of ??the house.

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