Expels heated air in the House

Tropical regions have hot summers. As the summer air around and inside the house tends to follow the heat. Heat in the house makes you uncomfortable and will often sweat. Finally you use the air conditioner to cool the room in the house, but it did not both for the preservation of the earth. Use a natural air conditioner, the way you have to change the condition of the home space in a certain way to overcome this heat in the house.

Here are four ways to overcome:

1. Use a heat-retaining material
If the house was still hot, there is no harm in using the cover material heat or sun-shading or secondary skin, such as lattice or tree. Especially if your house facing west. Closing this summer will help banish the direct sun exposure.

2. Cross ventilation
Cross ventilation is a common architectural tricks applied to make the house to avoid the heat. Cross ventilation are two vents at the position facing each other in one space.
This form of cross ventilation can be either a door or window. It is not to be located in the walls of the house, but can also be placed at the top.
With so keep air circulating smoothly, so that the dirty air and heat temperature will quickly go out and change the air cleaner in cold temperature.

3. Trees
If you have a fairly spacious yard plant a tree on the grounds. Large trees can block the sun exposure directly into the house.
If you do not have enough land to plant large trees you can menamam small trees in pots.
Use multilevel pot rack to put the pots are thus high enough to block the sun. The more greenery at home will also help to cool the hot air.

4. High Ceiling
Should make a high ceiling of the house to cool the air temperature inside the house. High ceiling will slow the entry of hot air into the room. Therefore, exposure to direct sunlight will not get into the room, but on the outside wall of the house first, and then into the roof frame. Hot air from the roof frame will be forwarded to the ceiling, and will flow into every room in the house. You can also add the ventilation holes in the ceiling as access to the circulation of air exchange in the house. High ceiling design also gives the effect of home interiors become wider and wider.

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