Exposed brick To Beautify Your Home



Having a home that is not only comfortable but also memorable draw would be a dream of every person. This of course can be done in various ways, ranging from simple and cheap to expensive and difficult. One way that you can apply to make that happen is by using exposed brick walls in your home that will add to the impression of ethnic and exotic.

Application of exposed brick walls are not too difficult but it takes foresight and diligence so as to neatly plugged. The selection of the perfect form of bricks also must be considered. The rhythm pattern becomes very important because the overall appearance of the exposed brick walls also depends on the shape of the existing pattern.

If considered in terms of provision of funds, the use of exposed brick walls are also relatively cheaper, it’s no longer necessary to plaster on the wall like a cement wall or a wall of cast.

Once attached to a neat brick, do not forget to provide a layer of coating is mainly due to very easily covered brick mold and mildew. Our country is also a tropical obstacle so regular maintenance is absolutely necessary for exposed brick wall that has been installed in your home to be durable.

In terms of interior decoration, you can incorporate elements of furniture from natural materials such as natural stone, wood or rattan. Good luck enforcing the implementation of exposed brick walls on your beloved dwelling.

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