Feng shui for your kitchen



Application of the science of Feng Shui in your home other than relating to the harmonization of the room will also affect the comfort level of occupancy , a room worthy of attention is the kitchen because it will automatically be associated with the selection of appropriate materials for this room .

Consideration of the use of these materials is very important especially since the construction of modern kitchen set design is more varied in the selection of materials ranging from iron ( metal ) , wood , or synthetic materials which is kind of hard materials .

While the science of Feng Shui even more widely used natural materials and various soft and tend to have rounded corners ( the Chinese have applied for hundreds and even thousands of years with the option of natural materials ) . Included in the application of this science is a consideration as well as the door layout and water faucet in the kitchen , this is related to the ease of use as well as the influence of movement activities ” chi ( energy ) ” in the room in order to become more positive .

The selection of materials of cork or wood would be more suitable for use on floors and surfaces ( desks , cabinets ) while the material of stainless steel and ceramic to create a very fast -moving chi . With the movement of energy very quickly is certainly not suitable if you want to linger long in this room , because of the rapid movement of chi will quickly make you feel bored and tired .

Therefore , it is better to consider the selection of materials from wood . In addition to creating a more beautiful appearance as well as the more exotic , the wood surface will also increase the feeling of comfort when used for long preparing and serving food . But also you need to consider is the type of wood suitable for kitchen usually has a fairly high level of humidity .

Do not let the selection of this material does not have a long service life , because if so then you must provide a budget that does little to renovate every necessary repairs . Good luck .

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