Finest Korean Tableware on Discount!


KwangJuYo, the most popular table-ware brand, is now on discount. As it stated on their official website, people can easily to get in there and browse through tons discounted products available. These have been assembled and including into a specific discount section so people can immediately browse through the all-discount products whenever they need it. It won’t last forever though. KwangJuYo offers special deals only for very limited time period, from 20 November to 20 December. This is in relation to their new campaign program called ‘A Better Restaurant Project’, in which they offered international restaurant ware promotion which also known as Kwangjuyo Finel sale, aiming to help international buyers whom interested to shop these premium restaurant-ware products whenever they need it.

Even though the products are almost entirely on discount, you can still make the price even lower by using specific promo code during the checkout process. Yes, by using promo code “kwangjuyo52” you will be eligible to get extra 10% discount on any product you desired to purchase. The fact is, not everyone know this little secret and if you are reading this post then likely you are a bit luckier than anybody else out there. With the extra discount, just imagine how much you can save on these finest Korean tableware products.

KwangJuYo is specializing in producing the premium-quality tableware designed and created by professional potters and artists in the field. And unlike the manufactured tableware, these Korean ware offered by KwangJuYo was handcrafted by the true experts, so you will notice the excellence and their attention in detail. And today, KwangJuYo Restaurant Tableware has been used by various top restaurant and culinary destinations around the world, including also Michelin 3-star restaurants. For more information about the discount deals and their excellent products, you are welcomed to visit their official website at


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