Free Book for Parents and Children

Dr. Leanne Lawrence had just recently launched her new free book on iBook. The book entitled “Sleep Deep” is mainly discussing about the importance of maintaining enough sleep and how it could affects the kids’ daily life, mood, and even overall body health. This book could also be used as main reference for parents to keep their children in getting enough rest time both at day and night. Dr. Leanne Lawrence uses her long experience in the field as well as also skills she obtained through the formal education and years of practicing in the particular subjects, and provides her professional insight of the problem and give various solutions to it.

As it stated earlier, the book is given for free. Anyone whom interested in finding some professional tips and advices to the subject may easily to grab the soft copy of the book via iTunes that they can play or read it through their Apple devices like Mac computer or even iBook. And one thing for sure, the free book is only available for one month on the list. That means after that time, it will be gone forever. Anyone whom interested to have this book should make their move sooner before everything is too late for them to get it.

If you are curious to know more about the book, what’s inside, and also more information about the author, you may just simply visit Here you will learn many things about the book, how to use it, and even how it will be beneficial for parents and their children in maintaining good sleep every night. And yes, here you will also find more information about Dr. Leanne Lawrence, the author of the book whose profession as a professional family doctor. Learn more about the book and get it for free from iTunes at

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