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garden care

garden care

It has a beautiful view is the desire of every person. It also requires money and effort to get a view that will create a welcoming feel to your home. Once you have it, you should make sure to take care of him because otherwise, all the effort and cost you spend will be worth it. The beauty of the landscape will be reduced if you are not trying to defend it.


You can do it yourself or park maintenance can also hire someone to do it. The most important thing when treating your yard is necessary to know what your garden. So, this time we will discuss tips on how to maintain and care for your home garden and preserve its beauty. Take a good look at the tips below:


Clean every day

Get used to clean the yard every day. Although there are only a few leaves are falling or just something that will make it look messy. If you are not going to clean it every day, dirt or leaves will accumulate and may be difficult to clean when it accumulates. Sweep your yard can be a good way to exercise.

Get rid of plants that interfere

Weeds or vegetation that may interfere with other plants could damage the park and the park will membaut display looks bad. But there are also some types of weeds that can help add to the beauty. You can use a weed killer and fertilizer to keep your plants. Or the easiest way is to unplug it to the root so it will not grow anymore.

Check the health of the plants periodically

It would be better if all your plants in healthy condition. There must be no diseases and insects that can damage crops. You can do it in the morning because you are still eager to do so as well as the condition of the plants are still fresh. Pay attention to every detail so that you will not find it hard to cope with problems that arise. You also have to cut the dry and unhealthy so it will not spread to other plant parts.

Watering right

Plants will thrive if it has a proper irrigation system. You must know the amount of water that plants need proper Degnan because otherwise it can kill them because of lack of water or even excess water. You also need to know how often your plants need to be watered. It also depends on the age of the plant if you plant new or long. The new plants need more water than is already fully grown and stabilized.

Do not kill earthworms

If you see an earthworm in the garden let you eat them alive. It is a sign of healthy soil. Make sure you keep the soil healthy by emphasizing the use of manure and compost. Fertilizing the soil will help to provide healthy food for the plant.

Keep the structure and other features

The structure and features of the park as a statue, pillar or other buildings can add to the beauty of the park. Because of all these features made of stone not to say you do not care. Features like these also require proper care. You should also clean it from dust and dirt. You can wash it with detergent and soap at least once a month.


Install sprinklers that can provide irrigation water for the plants in your garden. Be sure to choose the right size of the sprinkler. Place the sprinkler in the right place so that all the plants get water according to the needs. Therefore, look at the condition of your yard before installing a sprinkler.

Set outdoor furniture

There are several types of furniture that is specifically designed to be placed in the yard and courtyard area. It is used not only to add to the appeal but also to give a seat to rest with a fresh environment around you. Make sure you use outdoor furniture have good quality. Choose materials that can survive in the long term and resistant to weather changes. One simple way to treat it is to clean it regularly.

crop plants

When the plants have grown too much, cut a few twigs and leaves so it will not look messy and not interfere with other plants in the vicinity. If you let it grow out of control, it will change the look of the garden. Keep the size and shape of the start by cutting some parts that exceed the limit. You should also check and cut the branches and twigs that may interfere with drainage and irrigation water to avoid clogging. Do not let the plants grow too large which can interfere with the view.

Decoration water

Creating a water feature in the park is one good way to add life to your page. The sound created by the flowing water create a relaxing atmosphere. One of the things that can interfere with ornate water is algae and moss. Therefore, you should make sure and keep all water features remain free of dirt. If the static water conditions, you can replace it regularly and clean it before inserting the new water. If you have a pool, you should make sure there is a balance in the ecosystem. This can be done by inserting a few fish, aquatic plants, rocks, pipes and pumps as well as the proper filter system.

Having a garden is a good technique to beautify the look of your home, but you also have to make sure to take care of him. Without proper maintenance, the park will not be able to maintain a good aura. In addition, the park will look dirty if the plants in it are not treated properly. Some of the tips above can help you to maintain and care for and maintain the yard and beauty. In addition, you also have to choose the right plants for your home garden.

Hopefully, this information may be useful for you.

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