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There is always the time when we stumble upon our computer and search for certain files we exactly needed. With tons of files stored on your computer, sometimes finding the one we exactly wanted is a bit tricky. At the time, we need such a reliable file searching application to make the job easier. This is true that there is already file searching and indexing feature built in to the Windows operating system, but somehow it just not enough.

And what most people don’t know is the fact that there is an alternative file searching software they can use for more reliable desktop search result, it is called Copernic Desktop Search Professional. With the more advanced algorithm applied allows it to give you much better search result.

And as the developer said that even the default Windows search feature is not a comparison to Copernic Desktop Search especially when it comes to file searching. Copernic offers you faster result, provide you full control on what files you are exactly needed, and it can also go advance by giving you web search result related to your search queries. And as additional information, Copernic software has able to recognize over 150 different file types.

About the price, Copernic Desktop Search Professional is offered at $49.95. This is a reasonable pricing for such amazing software. However, you can purchase the software at 50% of the original price by using the coupon codes offered at The coupon is valid for very limited time though, so you better take your chance while it’s still available. At this site, you can also learn about Copernic Desktop Search review, posted by the real customers whom ever tried the coupon code and purchase the software. In other hand, professional review is also provided just to give you thorough information about the software from the perspective of an expert.

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