Harmonizing Color Space and Furniture Design

Harmonizing Color Space and Furniture Design

Harmonizing Color Space and Furniture Design

Interior does not look impressive luxury. Modern style makes the apartment seem simple and convenient. Many ideas applied to circumvent the limitations of space.

Harmonizing Color in the apartment to show the impression of a warm, comfortable, familiar and friendly. In each room we can see the positive effects of the application of color. The combination of colors were presented, among others, through the walls, furniture, and accessories space.

Applications colors certainly not the road itself. Processed shape or design also plays a role in shaping the character of the room. The design concept of the all simple and modern design of the space to be a basic reference in its entirety. This then requires the presence of furniture that is simple and modern impression.

The concept is simple and modern chosen as the main theme for reasons of practicality and space to create a unit area of ??49.55 m2 apartment to feel relieved and comfortable as a residence.

In order to make the space does not feel cramped, the connection between space was made “transparent”. Boundary between spaces non private is imaginary. For example, between the living room with dining area and pantry only virtual boundary line. The function space is distinguished from the furniture and color space.

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