Having a Garden in a small House

vertical garden

vertical garden

Have no means limited area residents can not have a garden . With this type of garden , could be a solution in order to stay home with the beautiful green .

One way that can be taken is to make a vertical garden . Yes , this park does not like the park in general , which grow horizontally or horizontally . But it is the same function , which is important enough to contribute to the circulation of fresh and clean air for the occupants of the house . Moreover, if the location of the house in the city center with a fairly high level of pollution .

Vertical Garden is an alternative for those who want to enjoy the plants as a form of green lifestyleĀ  but constrained by limited space or land for planting .

The concept of this park was found in 1994 by the French botanist . In Indonesia , this concept has been widely applied to various kinds of innovations .

Currently some media are easily available and easy to obtain and inexpensive can already be found in Indonesia . Some of them , frame -story , frame -dependent , a modular system , or system of carpet ( textile or geotextile ) , or vertical garden module ( VGM ) .

The level of difficulty and the price of making a vertical garden vertical garden depends on the medium . Price VGM is still quite expensive , therefore other kinds of media is to get around the high cost of making a vertical garden .

Planting medium for this park also vary , some of cocopeat , rope fibers , and a few who use the land as long as the intake is basically enough crop nutrient needs , the plant used for the vertical garden can still grow well .

Used Plant Type

Types of plants that are used for a variety of vertical gardens . However, there are several criteria , among others :
1 . Choose plants that have the weight is not too heavy .
2 . Select plants that have low to medium growth rate
3 . Avoid vines to make a vertical garden

The following are some of the kinds of plants that meet the above requirements :

– Elephant ears ( Anthurium crystalinum ) , the type commonly used for vertical garden is a type of leafy kecul
– Deer Horn ( Platycerium bifurcatum )
– Lili paris ( Chlorophytum comosum ) , Lili paris resistance to direct sun and grow best in a shaded place .
– Cryptanthus , suitable when juxtaposed with the Bromeliaceae .
– Leek , Leek flowers of pale purple , star-shaped flowers with six petals wide .
– Neoregelia , often called the bromeliads . Though bromeliads is the surname of many plant genus . Type often used for vertical gardens among other types of Neoregelia olens tipped with red leaves Polus average , then Neoregelia carolinae with leaves striped pattern .
– Lipstick ( Aeschynantus radicans ) , kidney -shaped leaves of this plant .
– Kadaka ( Asplenium sp ) , there are many different types of plants Kadaka , you can pick the leaves are not too long and big .
– Red Betel .
– Singonium , this plant has heart-shaped leaves are green and white . This plant is easy to grow


Vertical garden care including watering easier if already installed properly on the media framework . Irrigation is often used is drip irrigation ( drip irrigation ) or with a sprayer . Fertilization can be done 7-10 days once and for plant pest control can be done by way of pesticides in the growing media before the crop is planted . The need for vertical garden solar light in general depends on the type of crops grown .

Manufacture and easy maintenance make you can create a green space around your oxygen provider .

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