Home Improvement Tips When Having a Baby



Renovation of the house after the baby is born, it is not recommended. However, if  it have to do, make sure to pay attention to some of these security
and the safety of your little baby.

During the renovation:

Evacuate babies. Rent a room or a house near your home  renovated, in order to facilitate the supervision of builder work. Or, to minor renovations, leave babies and caregivers in the homes of relatives.

• Baby sitter did not take any part of the work renovation. He exclusively there for the baby, so the baby remains well maintained during the renovation takes place.

• Use the proper building materials and safe-for example, do not use outdoor paint for the inside of the room-free emission and non-toxic, so it is not harm baby when remodeling completed.

• Note the labels and seals are affixed throughout the material
building. Make sure you treat the building materials to be safe for residents.

• After renovation:

Perform final cleaning was perfect.

• Security check more carefully and closely. Get rid of the paint bucket, nails, scissors and other equipment that could be dangerous. answer this: if the hazard is removed? Are children today safe in the room?

• Babies do not immediately allowed to sleep in the room that just renovated. Wait for 4-8 weeks until the smell of fresh paint room lost.

• Leave the room is open every day so that air from the outside into the room.

• For newly installed parquet flooring, wait 2 months before baby play or sleep on it.

• Clean furniture or furniture-that during renovations wrapped-to be completely free of dust before being put back into the house.

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