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trend 2014

trend 2014

Plans to replace the home decor , but are reluctant to commit too much effort ? You can try to play with colors . Change the color , be it only as an accent or a whole room is simple but effective way to bring new atmosphere at your residence .

Welcoming the New Year , why not dye your home with shades of Teal . The color blend of blue and green that will be the ‘key ‘ in the development of the interior or exterior color trends in 2014. This color trend launched by the international color experts at AkzoNobel Global aestethic Center , part of the paint and coatings company AkzoNobel through famous paint brand , Dulux .

Teal is selected as the Color Trends 2014 is a blend of blue and green that describes a change , calmness , flexibility once energetic . Managing Director of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints for South East Asia & Pacific Jeremy Rowe revealed , Teal color will be more visible in the next year . Not only the buildings but also the interiors and products as well as fashion .

” Blue and green will be more visible next year . Teal is the color transition of the two colors . So through this color trend we want to ‘ invite ‘ you to experiment with change , ” said Jeremy , at the launch of 2014 Dulux Colour Trends in The Hall Senayan City , Jakarta .

The process of determining the color trend is quite interesting . Dulux and Akznobel not create new colors but through research by paying attention to color trends that have appeared during the past 18 months .

Jeremy explains , the research team AkzoNobel many see Teal color on the works of fashion designers , product designers are also graphic designer . Analysis is done globally and Teal turns widely used in almost all products of the various aspects of life .

” We talked with them and found it was the dominant color , ” he explained .

Jeremy suggests , Teal is more properly used as accents to decorate the room . Color is also the most suitable material combined with wood and construction of industrial shades and gray palette .

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