House Cleaning Tips

Tips Membersihkan Rumah

If we discuss about the house, which comes to mind is that there is plenty of room such as a bedroom, living room, study room, kitchen and so on. Of the various rooms are definitely getting longer be getting dirty, especially the hidden part. We all certainly would not feel comfortable if it is in the room were dirty, unkempt and disheveled. That is why we as homeowners have routine cleaning our homes.

The room such as the kitchen may be the most widely dirt because there are a lot of organic material that is in it. Not much traffic in the bedroom, but that does not mean we do not have to clean it regularly. The bedroom is a place where we breathe the air for the longest period every day. The bedrooms are a gathering place for dust more than any other room. Various objects and furniture that are not regularly also can bring a less harmonious atmosphere. Tidy up your bedroom in the morning, combined with the night when bedtime.

Clean up messy bedroom can seem like a tough job, but if you prepare properly and simple, you can clean it thoroughly and in a relatively short time. Size of the bedroom and the time required was a factor in this process.

Here are the basic steps are simple in house cleaning:

  • First, take a trash bag and pick up trash around the room. Remove waste from the room to make sure we avoid a spill or contaminate other objects when cleaning.
  • Tidy furniture such as beds, sofas, tables and others. The furnishings were neat is the key to a clean house. If parts need to be replaced such as bed sheets, pillowcases decorative or blinds, try to do it first.
  • Keep items in place. Trim objects on the table, such as lamps and knick-knacks, kitchen items brought back into place, put the clothes into the washing tub, or into a closet. If there are items lying around, stacked neatly in order to be handled later.
  • Clean the furniture with a soft cloth.
  • Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner or broom floor. This is an important step, because a lot of dust and small dirt here. Sweeping the floor once is quite effective, but if you have more time, you can sweep twice.
  • To be consistent, start in one corner of the room and began to walk in one direction. If you move without a goal will make you lose focus. In addition, try to work on one job at a time, instead of doing several jobs at once.

Cleanliness is the root of health, so cleanliness is very important to keep everyone in the house to remain healthy. Here are some tips for clean-up activities can house more pleasant:

  • Move freely, play your favorite music to keep your body and brain remain viable. Songs quickly will help move your legs, and provide a stable focus to the job. It can also nourish our bodies.
  • Add challenges such as how fast you can clean the floor of the bedroom? Can you do the window cleaning technique which is more than advertising on television? By giving yourself a little challenge can shorten the time required.
  • Involve children or other family members. It may sound counterproductive, but cleans with children can help resolve some minor work and create more family togetherness bond intensive. Children will feel pride in helping, and also provide education about hygiene.

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