roof combinations

roof combinations

The roof of the house may be the most distinguishing element of your home, with the surrounding houses. In other words, the roof of a big influence on the look or style of the house. Since the roof was made to fulfill a specific function, well then you know the model of the roof is commonly known, how the shape, detail and design.

If you now want to build or renovate a house, keep the roof model choice will greatly affect the cost of building a house or remodeling homes. What other options are available from a variety of roofing materials.
There are two basic forms of roofs are most commonly used, the gable roof (gable roof) and a shield (hip roof).

Here is a sketch of the two types of roofs are:

1. Roofing Saddlery
In accordance with the triangular shape and angle of the steep, gable model function is to rainwater, leaf litter and the like can be immediately fell to the side of the building.

2. Shield Roofing.
The roof shield was originally intended primarily for environments with extreme climates, that is where the wind and storms may occur. Complex structure of the skeleton, allowing the roof can withstand wind shield from a variety of directions. From the shape, and its range is clear that the roof of the shield more costly than the gable.

In accordance with the shape of the building, the roof of the two basic models can be modified.

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