How carpenters can work to manage environmental sustainably


Sustainability is a big issue in many issues, and the construction industry is no exception. The following information shows how carpenters can choose to be more sustainable in a number of ways.  All of these examples are carried out first hand by Eastwood’s Carpentry and are shared with you to hopefully help you become green in your profession.

Save Everything

When you have a small amount of material left over from a project, it can be tempting to throw it away. However, even small pieces of left over insulation and wood could be used again one day. You can also reuse leftover sawdust as compost.

Encourage Recycling

The building process can be wasteful when extra supplies are simply thrown out. Carpenters can play a big role in sustainability by helping their customers recycle correctly by directing them to the right facilities.

Some customers simply don’t want to recycle because they don’t want to deal with the extra legwork that it takes. The carpenter can often charge a disposal cost if there are a lot of materials to recycle.  Recycling amongst other sustainable options can be found at Ecological Communities, this blog will enlighten you on some great green living techniques.

Choosing Sustainable Material Options

Carpenters should help clients choose building materials that are durable and energy efficient. Not only can the right materials save on waste, but they can provide a better indoor environment by keeping the home insulated and free of odor.

Windows and siding are especially important in helping a home become energy efficient, but natural lighting can also be an important way to save on electricity.

Get LEED Certified

For carpenters who are very interested in green building, a LEED certification is a great option. Although not all of the building decisions will fall within the carpenter’s line of work, the program will give you a good all-around sense of what the green building options are. Many clients will also pay extra for a carpenter with this certification.

Even if you are unable to complete LEED certification, it would be helpful to review the LEED building manual. It is updated regularly with the best practices for the green building industry.

Reusing Materials

Reuse of materials is another way that carpenters can help save the environment. Many buyers are interested in furniture made with reclaimed materials and architects strive to incorporate these into their housing designs. Carpenters may be able to use leftover materials from one project to create another; for instance, they could collect old pieces of furniture to reuse in new projects.

In short, there are many ways that carpenters can become more sustainable. Now that the carpenter’s union has gone green, there are plenty of resources available to show carpenters how to help reduce waste and energy loss during their work.

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