How exciting to have a deck on your house

Entertaining at home with family, friends and neighbors is always a pleasure. Whether it’s in the family room, the game room, or the living room, hosting a party or get together brings out the smiles and the good times. Entertaining outside is also fun. Pool parties, barbecues and festive events shared with loved ones cannot be beat. It’s on those occasions that a deck is most appreciated.

With the creativity of a good deck builder, decks can be designed in a variety of ways and configurations. A deck can be outside the front or back door, or it could be on an upper level. It can be a wrap-around deck that encircles the house, or it can be a simple deck for tea around a summer fire pit. It can be open with plants and a few outdoor furniture pieces, or it can have paned windows with screens and temperature control. Regardless of what kind of deck is added to a home, the many benefits soon become very evident and appreciated.

A deck’s value isn’t limited to the family function and entertainment level; a deck adds financial value to a home. If and when the house goes up for sale, a deck will add considerable additional worth to prospective buyers. People, especially those with families that include children, love having a deck. In addition to the entertainment aspect, a fenced and screened deck is a secure place to let young children play under the watchful eye of the parents. The deck becomes an extension of the home, and will prove its worthiness many times over.

Decks can also be host to additional features like a hot tub, spa, tool shed, pool shed, outdoor shower, or a number of other amenities. A deck is an awesome place to have a fire pit surrounded by benches for an intimate s’mores party on a cool fall night. The options are endless, limited only by your imagination.

As for constructing a deck, that job is usually and best left to the professionals. A reputable custom deck builder, like Archadeck, will not only have the expertise of certified, professional craftsmen to do the labor, they’ll also have some great ideas for the kind of deck, its shape, and the ideal location for it.

If you like the idea of using more of your home, and for more days in the year, a deck is the answer!

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