How to Clean moss In Fish Pond

Cara Membersihkan Lumut Di Kolam Ikan

The existence of a fish pond in a house gives added value. In addition to functioning as a container hobby and houses a collection of fish, fish pond also serves to add to the beauty of the home environment and give the feel of the cool refreshing occupancy. A blend of natural stone with cement is usually the material that has been chosen in the manufacture of fish ponds because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Moss usually thrives in locations that provide suitable growing medium and close to water sources, one of which is the pool walls. It is almost impossible to prevent moss growing on the walls of the pool, how to clean the moss in a fish pond also needs its own tricks. The nature of cement and rocks have pore over time will accommodate dirt pond and then into the media grow moss. But with regular maintenance on the wall of a fish pond algae growth can be inhibited.

Step clearing moss from the wall of a fish pond:

  • If possible remove the fish from the pond and then drain the water from the pond.
  • Spray the wall surface fish pond with water for easy cleaning.
  • Rub the fish pond wall surfaces with a brush, can use a coarse brush or a soft brush depending on the type and thickness of the wall of moss or scaly patch.

  • Avoid the use of soap or detergent because it will poison the fish are in the pond (If the fish are not moved). If moss and mildew difficult to clean, flush surface of the walls of the pool with hot water and then rub with a rough brush.
  • Fish pond wall surfaces that have been cleared then rinsed with water until no more moss and dirt.
  • At the pool walls made of glass, cleaning of moss can be done using a washcloth and hot water assistance.

Get used to perform routine maintenance on the fish pond. In addition to keeping the pool to keep them clean, regular maintenance is done on the fish pond also helps to detect leakage of water in the pond. Do not just drift off to enjoy the beauty and coolness, but the treatment at the fish pond also needs to be done regularly.

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