One chore that often we everyday is to clean the stains that exist in our household, possibly to stains are easily cleaned material contained on the mediocre is not a problem, but how is if the stain was found in pet sofa us, then we should be more careful in cleaning the stains without damaging it.

Some types of stains that we often encounter such a spill sauce, soy sauce, beverage or food can leave permanent stains on the couch if not promptly cleaned up. Maybe we want to clean such stains but fear of damaging the material sofa that we love, for those of you who are still confused should follow the tips below before you clean the stain on your favorite sofa.

For light stains such as syrup or juice spills, simply use a gentle shower gel formula, how to prepare warm water in the container and then fill in the soap, then prepare a soft cloth wet with soapy water then we have prepared earlier and rub in a circular motion in areas affected by blemishes.

In order to thoroughly clean the stains do repetitions with a cloth dipped back into soapy water, then press lightly press down on the affected area and then scrub the stain again slowly. Then use a dry cloth or chamois to absorb soapy water on the sofa, if necessary, drying briefly.

It should be noted that when cleaning should not be widened to the outside of the affected area stains, because when we clear the area is too wide it will cause moisture which if left too long can cause damage to the outermost layer mainly leather sofas, the surface can be cracked , In addition couch damp can cause a bad odor.

For stubborn stains, for example scratches of ink, you can use a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone to clean it, how; Pour a little nail polish remover on a cloth, then wipe gently into the stained area. For heavy stains such as ink or paint that is difficult to clean, should avoid the use of harsh cleaning fluids that formula.

Similarly, information on HOW TO CLEAN STAIN ON SOFA, may be useful for you.

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