How to eradicate weeds

In the rainy season like today weeds can grow fertile. Grass quickly filled the entire yard so as to damage the tidiness of the house. If we try to cut it in a week they will grow longer as usual.

The grass-living spirit is great, during the dry season they do not grow after getting a little rain water must immediately rise from a long sleep. Here’s how to naturally get rid of grass:

Revoke Manual
Use gloves, sickles, hoes and spades to make it easier for you to kill the weeds. This method is most in need of time and energy but arguably the best without dangerous materials and of course also save without out the fare.

There is no harm in taking time off for work together with all members of the house. In addition to making the yard clean, we can also teach our children the importance of maintaining the environment.

The grass grows from the tubers that are in the roots, to inhibit the growth of weeds should pull up to the keakarnya, we need a small shovel for this.
Give me the cover
Plants need enough sunlight to grow, and so does the grass. We can cover the weeds with tarpaulins in a few days, the result must be yellowing grass leaves which subsequently die. In addition to the tarpaulin we can use other materials that can block sunlight like black plastic.

Since we did not pull it up to the bulbs then within a week after the cover is taken, the grass will grow again. Closing the tarpaulin is certainly not possible you install during the rainy season, so consider installing paving for grass difficult to grow.
Flush with a safe material
There are some ingredients that we often use for everyday life and it turns out they can be used as a means of exterminating weeds effectively. This material is salt, sugar, baking soda, hot water, vinegar, laundry soap etc.

We simply mix the water and the material then splashed into the weeds. In 1-2 days the grass will wither and die, but unfortunately within a few weeks the grass will grow again.

Hopefully this information is useful for you.
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