How To Give Your Home A Rustic Feel

While many home design and decor magazines tout the appeal of modern interior design, there’s something to be said for a space that feels rustic and classic. However, in a world where just about everyone wants a sleek and modern feel in their home, creating a rustic feel can seem like a challenge. If you want your home to feel classic and cozy, then follow these tips on how to give your space a rustic feel.


Look For Design Inspiration

Old movies, vintage catalogs and museums can be great places to find rustic interior design inspiration. Cut out pictures of classic and rustic homes that appeal to you and your design tastes. Create a collage or a scrapbook that will inspire you as you decorate your home.

Check Out Antique Stores and Estate Sales

If you aren’t looking for a modern design style, then it makes sense to avoid modern decor stores. Instead, check out antique stores and estate sales. These are the places where you’ll be able to find rustic home decor items, such as antique fireplace accessories. While some modern home decor stores sell items that are designed to have an antique feel, nothing beats a real antique when you’re decorating your home in a rustic style.

Choose A Smart Color Scheme

Exposed wood and brick are great for evoking that rustic feel. When selecting wall colors, go with neutral shades. Bold and neon colors might look cool, but they’re more modern than they are rustic. For a rustic look, select colors like grey or burgundy for your walls.

Don’t Over-Think It

When it comes to creating that rustic and antique style in your home, the secret is for everything to feel like somewhat of an afterthought. A great rustic decor scheme shouldn’t feel intentional, but rather feel as if it all just came together on its own. Don’t be afraid to slightly mismatch pieces or textures. If anything, this helps to better create the rustic aesthetic.

If you follow these tips, you can create a home that feels rustic and classic. Have fun with visiting antique stores and shopping for unique furniture pieces and decor items.

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