How to Hire a Professional Painter for your next home project

When it comes to hiring a professional painter for your next home project, you need to know how to find the right painter. There are many professionals available that offer a variety of services but not all will fit what you need. You want to know that your painter is dependable, trustworthy and going to finish the job they start.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are working on hiring a professional. Be sure to ask lots of questions and feel comfortable with your painter before moving forward.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Chances are your friends or family have used a painter before or they know of one to use. Word of mouth is the fastest way to get real and honest reviews of the work a professional does. You can ask around and see what people have to say about the painters they have used before. This helps you get a first hand report of how the job went.

Get More Than One Estimate

When you consider hiring a painter, make sure to get more than one person’s estimate for the job. You want to see how they compare in pricing. This helps you to make an informed decision when you get more than one estimate on completing your painting job.

Check References

If you decide to go with a painter that you do not have personal connections to, be sure to check all their references. A reliable, honest painter should have no trouble providing references for your to talk with. Ask the customers questions and find out how the job went. This can help you make your decision by knowing what to expect when they are in your home.
Ask Lots of Questions

When you are talking to your potential painter be sure to ask lots of questions. Ask them questions like how long have they been in business, what’s their experience and do they have insurance and bonding. You want to know that they have the experience and the coverage should something happen on the job.
Use Your Skills of Observation

Make sure to notice how the painter acts at your home while discussing the job. Does he seem hurried or unprofessional? Does he seem to dodge your questions or not really answer them? These are signs you need to move on to another contractor.
Always Review The Contract

Do not sign anything until you are both in agreement on what the contract says and you understand it fully. You want to know exactly what the painter plans on doing and what they expect from you. Make sure you ask questions if you are unsure of anything on the contract. Review it and understand it before you sign it. The professional painter should have no problems with you doing this. If they do seem to rush you, it could be a sign to go elsewhere.
These are just a tips to keep in mind when you are hiring a painter for your home projects. Be sure to ask questions and be comfortable with whoever you decide to use.
Jen recommends interviewing and getting estimates from several painters before deciding. Check out Service First Painting to help you get the most out of your next home project.

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