How to Install Hardwood Floors Above Ceramic

How to Install Hardwood Floors Above Ceramic

One of the advantages of wood flooring is the ease when used as a replacement for your old tile floor. Every activity done at home will give you a burden on a floor stand. Any object that is on it, either silent as furniture cabinets, sofa, or an active move like a human, equally heavy demands on the floor. This is a heavy burden that ultimately makes the floor into the home attribute most easily damaged.

If it is damaged, you inevitably have to fix it or replace it with a new, fairly easy anyway if you want to replace the wooden floor. No need to be dismantled, because the wooden floor can be laid over your old tile floor. The condition is that you no tile floors stand out, but everything is still strongly attached to the original position. If you want to wear a wooden parquet floor, each ceramic tableware must be pried out first.

The atmosphere is warm and cozy indeed become one of the advantages of wood flooring. Attach the wood floor does not take a long time such as when installing floor tiles. If price is no object, then use a wooden floor which is actually more expensive is certainly worth considering.

But keep in mind that the parquet floor can not be installed in the bathroom. Motif parquet wood and shades of color is entirely your choice, there are better and worse because everything is appetizing. Although the selection of motifs and colors of wood flooring is the taste, but generally a more modern home style more in tune with parquet wood color or black older. But for a child’s room, I suggest wear bright colors to make it look cheerful.

How to Install Hardwood Floors Above Ceramics:

• Congkellah ceramic cracked.

• Make sure the flat floor surface, if necessary, in order to re-plaster flat.

• Use special glue to glue PE foam on the floor that is flat.

• Limiting must be installed at the intersection of parquet and door thresholds.

• In order not appear truncated, install parquet wood flooring from the uttermost corner of the room.

• Today most of parquet wood has been using a system of tongue and alcove, living together with glue, then hammered slowly on the timber.

That’s a few tips on how to install wood flooring with ceramic accumulate. Surely the installation of wood flooring is easier than installing ceramic, that the advantages of wood flooring.

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