How to Solve Moisture seeps and Moldy Walls

Cara Mengatasi Dinding Lembab Rembes dan Berjamur

The walls were damp and moldy seeped very disturbing at all, besides destroying the beauty of the home, it can also damage the wall.

Before you tackle the walls were moldy because of water seepage should first resolve the cause. permeable wall is usually caused by a shower in another room adjacent to the walls of the water tank may be leaking, the water pipes in the wall that leaked, and others. Try to keep the things that cause the moldy wall, only then tackle the walls were moldy.

Here are the steps in dealing with moldy walls:

  • If the cause of the wall is due to water seepage that is hard to be prevented, you can use a waterproof paint that could prevent water seeping / translucent wall.
  • Remove mildew coating covering your walls with moldy walls rub with sandpaper until the walls become porous so that water vapor in the wall to get out.
  • To get rid of the fungus to the root try rubbing parts of the wall that had been sanded earlier with chlorine or chlorine. because the two materials is pungent and can irritate the skin, to prevent such things do not happen to you, use safety glasses and rubber gloves when you do this part.

  • Allow the wall during the night so that the solution can penetrate into the wall. After that scrape and clean the walls that had been coated by chlorine or chlorine earlier.
  • When the wall is scraped off, the walls coated with solvent-based paint.
  • You can start painting on walls with regular wall paint, with the proviso that the solvent-based paint is completely dry out completely.
  • You can mix with a leak-proof coating paint the wall that you have prepared in the ratio of 1: 1 so that the walls of the house are not moldy and seeped again later.

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